Introducing the first and only Kind-Cup

Our delicious coffee pods are the best recyclable K-Cups® out there. Enjoy great flavor while being KIND to our world

Help make the planet a better place and taste all of our sumptuous blends. Donut Blend, House Blend, French Roast, Sumatran, Colombian, Hazelnut, Special Dark & Decaf. Enjoy the bold taste, with much less waste.


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Try all of our delicious blends
in one variety pack!

includes our house blend, french roast, donut blend,
colombian, hazelnut, sumatran, special dark, and decaf

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27 eco-friendly pods


fair trade and organic - mellow acidity and
strong caramel sweetness with nutty undertone


creamy and sweet with
buttery taste of toasted hazelnuts


fair trade and organic - thick body with
unique rustic flavors, often described as earthy

Donut Blend

light roast with mild body,
low acidity and crisp citrus taste

French Roast

heavy body with sweet aroma,
hints of brown spice and roasted almond

House Blend

heavy body cup with fruit
and chocolate notes throughout

Special Dark

thick body with low acidity and
beautiful, earthy, rustic flavors


decaf blend featuring fragrant aroma
with a hint of citrus and floral undertones