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What is a Q-Grader?

What is a Q-Grader?
Ever wonder if all the “flowery” language describing your steaming cup of coffee is, well, full of hot air?

Whether you’re someone who’s satisfied with a reliable, consistent daily cup-of-joe, or you’re a more adventurous soul looking to broaden your brewing horizons, understanding a bit about what those descriptions mean might come in handy. So, we’ve asked Cambio’s resident coffee master to tell us about what exactly she does and why Cambio drinkers should care. Meet Lindsey Bolger, a nationally recognized expert and one of the world’s very first Q-Graders.

Cambio Roasters And Food 4 Farmers

Food 4 Farmers is a non-profit organization in Vermont who partners with coffee-farming communities in Latin America to cultivate a food-secure future. Read about how Cambio supports this organization, and what you can do to help.

Coffee Roasting Basics: What Coffee Drinkers Need to Know

Coffee Roasting Basics: What Coffee Drinkers Need to Know

Exploring the world's different coffees is a hobby for many, including us! It brings people together and helps to create memorable moments, while enjoying a great hand-crafted roast. 

Coffee roasting dates back centuries, and has become an art, and a science. Elevation, temperature, soil, trees, and many other environmental factors facilitate the health and type of coffee bean that is grown.