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Giving back and sharing profits is important to us. It’s about giving something back in return for the help you previously got from the community. We all depend on each other's participation in society for our success and well-being. In today's world, it just makes sense. It's saying that you want to live in the kind of world where people do things like that for each other.

cambio roasters giving back

A signature element of Cambio Roasters® caring capitalism structure is to contribute 20% of profits to coffee farming families. We feel strongly about doing our best to make the most profound impact we can and are committed to having a positive impact on each other, our community and the environment.

Additionally, at the office, we believe that leadership is being more than just a boss looking over your shoulder. In fact, we'd much rather involve our employees by creating work environments that allow them to feel appreciated and encourage them to thrive. We believe in employee engagement, transparency and personal growth, while ensuring we make time for what's most important - whether that means family, health or volunteering in the community. 

cambio roasters giving back to farmers

Our Partnership with Food 4 Farmers

Through Food 4 Farmers we provide funding and training to coffee-farmers who struggle with seasonal hunger several months of every year. Food 4 Farmers helps coffee-farming families, coffee cooperatives and community-based organizations build long-term solutions to hunger by identifying root causes, challenges and resources, and creating community-appropriate strategies. They work with these farmers to bring healthy food to their families, neighbors and communities.

Their reach has grown to four countries – Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico – where they are currently working with six coffee-growing organizations representing nearly 5,000 families who incur significant financial and health issues. Food 4 Farmers helps to break the cycle of poverty by developing business skills and providing meaningful opportunity for families in need.

With the current global economic conditions, borders have been closed in Guatemala, Colombia is in a state of economic and social emergency, and they are expecting upcoming and massive disruptions. (3/20/20)

Support in Nicaragua

Families have been trained to grow fruits and vegetables that sell well in the marketplace, and women are learning professional skills to start businesses selling their crops.

Support in Colombia

They are working with co-ops to develop organic home gardens, community produce and seed exchanges along with food festivals, to reconnect with their traditional food heritage.

Support in Mexico and Guatemala

The co-op is training farmers to start beekeeping businesses. They receive new hives, equipment and inputs to start producing their own honey, as well as advanced practices to ensure their growing businesses can thrive. The sale of honey, fruits and vegetables have become an important source of income to supplement earnings from coffee for these coffee-farming families.

Cambio Roasters® is committed to doing our best to help this at-risk population through donations and by sharing customers' donations that are rounded-up with their purchases. We invite you to be part of this community and thank you all for supporting this important work.

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"With the bees we are happy again, because they have given us the hope of getting better." – Ana Cordoba Ostuna

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