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December's On Us

December is the season for giving.  At Cambio Roasters®, we want you to know how much we appreciate your help in making the world a kinder place.  Because you’ve helped donate money to coffee-farming families struggling with seasonal hunger by purchasing Cambio Roasters coffee, we’d like to give you December’s order, on us!  We’ll take an average of the number of Cambio pods you’ve ordered from January 1 through November 30 for this year, and send you that equivalent amount as our gift to you in December. (Enroll using the link to your account above.)

* A minimum purchase of at least one 27-count carton before December 1st is required. Available to non-business customers only; can't be combined with Personal Pantry discount. Don't forget - you must enroll to qualify!

Get Our Variety Pack


The perfect cup of coffee is unique to you. With TastePrints, we’ll send you a blind sample of six coffee pods celebrating a broad range of roasting styles and single-origin coffees. You simply prepare them to your liking, then check the Tasting Notes and descriptions included in your TastePrints kit. Coffee is so rich and complex, it’s fun to be able to learn about the coffees you prefer and match your desires with your perfect Cambio coffee. (Note: TastePrints is temporarily on hold.)

Enroll using the link to your account above. Customers receive one TastePrints box. Boxes are shipped quarterly.

Micro Roast Sampling

Cambio’s Micro Roast program celebrates the emerging artisan, small-batch roasting trend. Periodically, we highlight a phenomenal small batch roaster somewhere in the U.S. or from fantastic cities around the world. Throughout the year, you receive two delicious pods of these unique coffees complete with tasting notes and roaster profiles to enjoy in your Keurig® brewing system. Now we all can experience a range of unique gourmet coffees from around the world in the comfort of our own kitchens. 👍☕🌎

Sign up above to receive Micro Roast shipments.

Personal Pantry

With Cambio’s Personal Pantry (auto-renew program), you’ll never run out of coffee again and you'll be rewarded for your loyalty with 10% off each order. It’s having recyclable and delicious Cambio coffee pods delivered to your front door! You choose your favorite coffee, how much you want delivered, and how often you want it delivered, and we’ll do the rest. And if you want to try a different blend, change your shipment frequency, or cancel, you can do that any time. Personal Pantry is also a great gift idea for Keurig®-loving parents, kids in college …. you name it!

Sign up for Personal Pantry by choosing your blend on our Product Page, then choose Personal Pantry/Auto Delivery, along with your delivery schedule. 

Refer a Friend

Our customers have been thrilled to make a difference in the lives of struggling coffee farmers and their families, simply by purchasing Cambio’s recyclable pods.  They’re telling their friends, and the positive spiral begins!  Tell a friend how you enjoy making the world a kinder place by drinking gourmet Cambio Roasters® coffee!  Once they make a purchase, we’ll send your friend a 20% off discount coupon and you’ll earn a free 27-count carton of your favorite Cambio roast*!

* A minimum purchase of at least one 27-count box required to participate. Click on the "Get Rewarded" box in the bottom right corner of our website to participate.

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