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Starting A New Venture & Trip Of A Lifetime

Starting A New Venture & Trip Of A Lifetime

Cambio Roasters was started in the summer of 2018 after years of brainstorming meaningful ways we can give back — not only to our global community, but to the environment that we’ll leave behind for our kids. People and the planet are very important to us, and we're committed to trying to leave a small mark behind to do our part, and to inspire others to do the same.

Recyclable Coffee Pods 

As passionate coffee enthusiasts, we decided it was time to drive the change we believe in.  Over 30,000 k-cups (or pods) go to our landfills every SECOND, or over 30 million pods per day! We knew there was a better way, and so we created a new triple bottom line, online business selling 100% recyclable pods. We’re delighted and proud to play a small part in helping to reduce our landfills.

Our Passion about Coffee 

We firmly believe in helping others, which means hiring talented, best-in-class employees who support our mission and deserve an opportunity to grow. Hard-working people come from all types of backgrounds, and we’re proud to build a diverse group of dedicated team members that are dedicated to our mission. We are inspired by the insights and strengths of each of our employees and in turn, strive to create an opportunity and path for them to grow. 

Another thing we are passionate about is the health and well being of coffee farmers around the world. These farming families work extremely hard growing the beautiful arabica beans that we know and love. Small farmers harvest coffee beans that only produce twice/year, which simply is not enough to live on. They suffer from food scarcity several months each year, and are in great need of guidance to show them how to subsidize their income in the thin months, as well as funding to create new gardens to improve their quality of life. 

To gain a deeper understanding of where the needs are not being met, we traveled to Bogota and Popayan, Colombia in July to meet coffee farmers in the Cauca region of Colombia. Driving for hours down bumpy, unpaved roads with beautiful greenery and coffee farms along the roaming hills, our goal was to spend time with these hard-working families, learn about their challenges, explore their gardens and farms, understand what life is like on these small mountainside coffee farms and see how our donations would be put to work. 

Our experience was unforgettable. These farming families live very modestly in small homes with rustic equipment, often with no running water or bathrooms. They walk in the high heat down rough roads carrying goods to the market or to meet their children coming home from school.

Often times, they cook in small kitchens with dirt floors and no ventilation for their wood stoves that they cook on. They ration what they can yet live a very simple and proud life. 

We were not only inspired and humbled by their incredible work ethic, but by their hospitality and generosity. Each family we met went out of their way to make us feel welcome while sharing the ins and outs of their daily routines.

They spent hours showing us around their farms, sharing their delicious fruit from their fruit trees, having us sample sugar cane, but also cooking us meals complete with fresh eggs, fruit, soup and entrees with food from their gardens! We were told about how much they have benefited from the work of Food 4 Farmers and Nuevo Futuro, a partnership that provides funding and education to help improve food scarcity issues for coffee farmers, and knew this was something we wanted to be a part of. 

On our last visit, we met a lovely couple named Don Segundo Mutis and his wife Raquel Escobar. Don Segundo was celebrating his 73rd birthday. After a bit of singing and celebrations, our group worked together to help him re-engineer a fermentation system for the drainage process.  The gratitude that was expressed by Don Segundo for this small gesture of help, on top of the consistent work that Food 4 Farmers and Nuevo Futuro have provided, was enough to move him to tears - causing us to do the same! 

That was a perfect ending to our trip, and truly inspired us to know we’re doing the right thing. We decided to commit 20% of our profits to coffee farming families, because we are as committed to helping improve their lives as we are of our local team. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to thrive, to grow, and be inspired, and we’re delighted to be a part of something that’s larger than ourselves. 

Watch the Video 

Feel free to watch this short video with highlights of our trip to Cauca, Colombia. We can’t wait to share more about how Cambio Roasters is committed to our people, planet, and profit sharing, and hope you’ll support us on our journey. 

Co-Founder - Cambio Roasters, LLC